The Documentary

This is Hardcore is deep. It hits the soul. In our documentary we will take you on tour with the biggest artists and go to the studio with the finest producers. From the core we will form the future of our scene, together with you.

The Album

This is Hardcore will bring you hardcore in its purest form. Do you want to know how this feels, how it sounds, download the free album with an exclusive track from every artist of the international collective.


TiH Album Remix Project

December 12.12

Today we have big news. All tracks of the original This is Hardcore album will be made
available for you to remix. We will hand over kickdrums and other samples. This is the
first time ever that so many professional hardcore artists are making their files public for
anyone to remix.


You have six weeks to make an awesome remix. We will select the best remixes and
release them on the official TiH Remix Album. The winning tracks will also be
released on Traxtorm or Neophyte Records.


We invite everyone who produces hard electronic music to participate. It doesn’t
matter whether you are a signed or unsigned artist. Everybody is free to show us his or her
talent. Together we will work on new music, this is what it’s all about.


What kind of track should it be? Just make sure you can say to yourself: This is
Hardcore! Be original, be creative and push the boundaries! Pick a track and remix
the hell out of it.


How to participate:
1. Email your name and artist name to
2. We will send you the full sample pack containing samples from all the tracks featured. on the original TiH album.
3. Make an awesome remix.
4. Send your remix to before the 23th of January.


The best remixes will be released on the This is Hardcore Remix Album. The tracks will also be released on special remix EP’s on Traxtorm and Neophyte